Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun @ Esselworld :)

I went to Esselworld many days back, on Sunday, May 31 to be precise. After many days I had a fun outing with friends. And then I got stuck up with work, that's why this late blog.

The Esselwrold trip was courtesy the free passes I received from a PR company (being a journalist has its own unique advantages), a total of 6. I didn't know that convincing people to come to Esselworld would be tough! After an unimaginably long convincing, the final 6 (including me)were shortlisted- Joanna, Shivani, Rohit, Ajay, Ram and me :)

We took a ferry from Gorai Khaadi (creek), which was called 'Wetlantic' and which played FM songs! The one which we loved the most was 'Julie....' as we echoed the chorus together.

The day could be summed up in one word- 'inline'. We waited for over 30minutes in a line for each ride. The ride lasted only for 2-3 minutes but we had to stand in the lone for over an hour in some cases.

The rides were incredible- my favourites being Rock-n-Roll and Rollercoaster. We also had a great time in the 'Rain Dance' from which I caught a cold and still have it! All of us guys were crazy and did mad stuff like taking pictures outside the Ice Skating house- which had cool graphiti pics on it and also in the 'not so'Horror Hotel and on rides too!

I tried my hand singing at the karaoke and sang the hit song from the movie Hare Krishna Hare Ram called 'Dum maro dum'.

The day was really lovely. While returning home, we again had to wait in a line for over one and a half hours and the ferry that took us back was dead slow. But we loved it! :)