Sunday, December 4, 2011

Remembering Dev Saab...

When I entered the Anand Studios, about three years back, I was excited and nervous. I was about to see a man who they said was filled with energy at the age of 85 (at that time). Evergreen, debonair and youthful were some of the adjectives that describe him, they said, and when I saw him some more came to my mind: modest, charming and full of zest! He was clad in youthful clothes with his patent scarf around his neck, beaming with life!

Dev Anand or Dev Saab, as he is fondly known passed away in London today, leaving me shocked. The first sight of the man had made my belief sure that this man will live to be a 100, he was so full of energy! My colleague and I had gone to his studios to get his quote for a story, which unfortunately didn’t get published. We were told to wait for some time, half an hour or so, which is not much time to meet a star his status. Yet when we were ushered in his office, he apologised showing his modesty at this stature.

My colleague told him that her beloved uncle back in UP was a great fan of his and as it was his birthday, she would like Dev Saab to speak to him. He promptly said, “Ha, toh lagao na phone,” and spoke to him without any airs. He also wished him birthday and invited for a cup of tea to Mumbai. At that time, I didn’t have a camera mobile and deeply regret it as I couldn’t take a picture.

He showed us around the studio and told us about his new project, ‘Chargesheet’. At his age when people prefer to take a sabbatical or immerse themselves in spirituality, this man showed us that age is just a number and youth never fades away.

RIP Dev Saab. We all will miss you.