Saturday, September 12, 2009

Puneri lingo

You must have read about the Western lingo that college and school kids are adapting in their day to day language, but do you know anything about the Puneri lingo. If no, worry not, mi aahe na (Im always there). Some of these have been invented by me and my Madern (pronunciation for my college Modern College) friends.

So let’s start with the basic terminologies of a typical college going Puneri kid.

Katta- A place, generally in or around the college, where (idle) students sit and discuss either intellectual shit or gossip with each other. A cup of tea is an essential part of the katta. A tree nearby is also a must-have.

Eg. Lets go to the katta and chat.

Bha Po (acronym for bhavana pohochlya)- This literally means emotions received. If a friend of yours is giving you a very senti talk, to make him shut up you just need to say Bha Po mitra, aata gap bas.

Eg. Kiti badbad kartos BhaPo zala majha. (How much do you blabber. Now keep quiet, I understood what you said.)

ABCD- This is an adults’ acronym (children under 18 don’t read this ;). The full form is Aga Baee Chaddi Distey. This is generally used for the low waist jeans wearing firang or wannabe firang crowds.

Eg. Hey someone tell that girl ‘ABCD’.

Tappe takne- If you like a guy or a girl…you obviously check her/him out when he/she is around. That’s called tappe takne. Eg. Rahul la Smita avadte, to tichyawar kiti tappe takto. (Rahul likes Smita, I guess, coz he keeps on checking her out.)

Mitra and boss- Mitra or boss are used to address any and every other person. It could be your chaiwala or your rickshaw wala also.

Eg. E mitra/ boss, jara lavkar chal na ushir hotoy. (Boss, please hurry, I’m getting late.)

Mama- this terminology is fast catching up in other cities too. Mama refers to a police wala. Traffic police are the main victims of this phrase.

Eg. E tikde mama aahe, ikdunach U turn maruyat. (Hey, there’s a policeman there, lets take a U-turn from here itself.)

Bird watching- hahaha…this term reminds me of college. Whenever we would get bored, we would stand in the corridors checking out guys (there were very few worth checking out in my college though) and say lets go bird watching!

Eg. Chayla, aaj ekhi pakshi chhan navta. Bird watching madhe majaa nahi aali. (There wasn’t a single good looking guy around. No fun in bird watching.)

Fishing- Bird watching is checking out guys, so fishing is checking out girls!

Vaalit/ ghaanit takne- This being ignored by a person or a group. If someone doesn’t talk to you purposely (many a times this is done as a prank), you can safely say, “Mala vaalit/ ghaanit ka taklay tumhi?” (Why are you’ll ignoring me?)

Mandaa- In Marathi, manda means a dunce. Mandaa is actually a name, but we call dunce girls Mandaa.

Eg. Ti agdi Mandaa aahe. Tila kahich kalat nahi. (She is a dunce. She doesn’t understand anything.)

Haldi kunku- This comes from an incident that happened in my college. As you’ll know, haldi and kum kum are yellow and red in colour, respectively. Two girls Sakhu and Paru (names changed without any request) in my class had wore a yellow and red dress respectively, and they were like, “We are haldi-kunku.” We couldn’t help but fall down laughing at the dehati joke.

Khadki Dapodi- No offence to people staying in these areas, but if someone wears a gaudy outfit or accessories they are called ‘Khadki-Dapodi’.

Eg. Kiti Khadki Dapodi dress aahe ticha. (Her dress is so gaudy.)

So these are some of the great Puneri terminologies. Start using them today itself. Chala aata, kadekadene ghari ja. I will be adding new terms, as and when invented or discovered ;).

Some additions made by my dear friend Avinash Sadaphule:

TTMM - Tujhe Tu Majhe Me or Tu Tera Main Mera: which means you must contribute for whatever you ate or bought...going short

SPDP- Shev Puri Dahi Puri

Saheee/ Ek /Kalla / Takatak/ Jabbari - Damn good

Padik- Doing Nothing/wasting time having nothing to do

Vaeet- means bad, but used as good (opposite) kai vaaeeet picchar hota to..meaning it was an awesome movie!

Dada/ Baapmanus -some1 great (often used sarcastically)

chavva/ chavvi - BF/GF


Avinash said...

lai bhari post --meaning very good post

wud like to add some more puneri lingo here ..i.e if u dont mind...

TTMM - Tujhe Tu Majhe Me (Self contribution for joint party)

SPDP- Shev puri Dahi Puri

Saheee/ek number /Kalla /Takatak/ jabbari - Damn good

Padik- Doing Nothing/wastin time having nothing to do

vaeet- means bad, but used as good (opposite) kai vaaeeet picchar hota to..meaning it was an awesome movie!

Dada/Baapmanus -some1 great (often used sarcastically)

chavva/chavvi - BF/GF

Akshay said...

Hey, that was a very interesting post full of meaning. I really enjoyed reading and it was crisp laced with gentle humour and of course, despite of being 17, laughed hilariously on the ABCD joke.

Sushant Kulkarni said...

हे भारी आहे. महाराष्ट्रातल्या सगळ्या भागातल्या अशा 'terminologies' एकत्र करायला हव्यात.

sugandha said...

नाद खुळा...म्हणजे खूपच छान. ही खास कोल्हापुरी terminology .

Vinay Bhatia said...

Mama, Bird Watching, TTMM,Takatak, Jabbari, chavva/ chavvi are copied from bombaiya lingo.
We have been using it since my chaddi days.

BTW, Dont know you. Got your URL as a fwd. Yes, janta is fwding it.

Vishakha said...

Thanks Vinay... but these terms are typical Puneri... which may have been spread in Mumbai by Puneri migrants ;)

Shashank Gaikwad said...

Khupach chaan. ajun additions kar na