Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TRACK-ing it young!

DJ Prithvi, at the age of 12, is probably the youngest professional DJ in the country. He rocked the city audience on Saturday

His remix of the popular song Jai Ho has seen 14,000 plus downloads in 10 months! He made a world record gig for three hours and five minutes non-stop, mixing more than 100 songs. He is no ordinary DJ because Sai Prithvi, known as DJ Prithvi in the party circuit claims to be India's youngest DJ at the age of 12.

DJ Prithvi hails from Hyderabad and is going places, literally, as he is on an all-India tour. He performed on Saturday night at a city club and restaurant. The funds generated from his performances will go towards the betterment of the mentally challenged children. "I started DJing when I was 10 years old. I have learnt this art from DJ Ananth, a famous DJ based in Hyderabad," says Prithvi. The youngster has just passed his Std VII exams with flying colours, scoring 80% marks. "I generally perform only on weekends and find time in the morning to study," he says with a smile.

Music is his passion and Prithvi likes Bollywood house, hip hop and trance music. "I like playing Bollywood house music. I like bhangra too. People are curious about me and they like my music," he says. On this all-India tour, which started on May 8, he has performed in cities such as Chandigarh, Bangalore and Pune and will be performing in Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Kolkata and Cochin.

"I will be on this all-India tour till my school starts. My parents and school authorities are very supportive. I generally have to perform late nights starting at 10pm. So my school timings are managed accordingly," he says. Earlier, Prithvi has toured the country to generate funds for the people affected with HIV/AIDS.

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Taranjit kaur said...

very interesting. we should support the young talents like this. gud work