Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote or else shut up…

These words may be harsh, ruthless and straight. Please don’t mind but they are true. The future of a new and ‘shining’ India lies in your hand…yes you, ‘young’, ‘literate’, ‘educated’, ‘future of India’ individual… in your hand. You have been bestowed upon the right to vote and choose who rules you, by the constitution. So before asking for your rights, perform your duty of voting.

India is the biggest democracy of the world and we are lucky to choose the ones who will rule us, make policies, make a difference (positive or negative…that depends on the fact whether you vote or not), make laws, run the country. At this time when the world is facing the economic downturn and terrorist activities which are degrading every inch of humanity, we need to perform our duty and make a difference.

So you, yes you youngster… don’t go out partying or on picnics on April 16th when you get a holiday for voting. Don’t sit at home lazying around, watching TV… just go to your polling booth and vote. Even if it takes an hour or two in the line, just go and vote. Don’t just shirk your responsibility by saying, ‘Koi vote dene ke layak nahi hai…’ or ‘Mere vote dene ya na dene se kya hoga?’ These are hollow statements showing that the literate India, who should actively take part in choosing the ruler of the country, is actually good-for-nothing. That’s why just go out and vote. Smell the pride of that blue ink on your index finger which tells you that you have done your duty and contributed your bit (which means a great deal) to this democracy called India.

And if you don’t vote…just shut up and don’t you dare comment on any politician’s wrongdoing or the failures of the government. Coz you don’t have the right. Coz given a chance and a right, you ‘a literate and jagaruk (so-called) citizen’ of this country didn’t vote…didn’t decide who wins. So you lose your chance to criticize.

So vote or else shut up.

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