Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Bandar needs a break!

I am not much of a ‘review’ person but after watching Delhi-6 I needed to vent out my feelings, that’s why this piece. ‘Ye Delhi hai mere yaar…’, ‘Masakali masakali udd matakali matakali…, I was humming these songs for the last one month (I still do hum them). But the movie turned out to be one (boring) disaster.

My friends and I had planned a reunion and as all of us wanted to watch the movie, we went for it. We usually do not prefer watching movies when we meet after a long time, but this was an exceptional case. That’s why I am more frustrated. (I know I give long background but it creates the mood na? :)

I don’t need to write the story, as by now everyone must be acquainted with it. The story is as confusing as the characters and what they are supposed to play!! The focus of the film itself is not focused. Roshan (Abhishek) comes to India with his dadi (Waheeda Rehman, who looks stunning even at this age) but after half an hour of the movie runs by she is completely sidelined. The cinematography is awesome and the rustic streets and people of Delhi are showcased very well. The story is intermingled with the Ramleela and verses from the Ramayan are used. I quite liked this idea.

Then enters Bittu (Sonam- she could have been given a better pet name), who just flutters around everywhere and doesn’t have a scope to showcase her acting skills. The main actor of the film is the Kaala Bandar which causes havoc in the entire Delhi-6. All people push their wrongdoings on this Bandar. The monkey also causes communal disharmony between the Hindus and the Muslims. This could have been shown in a better way. The fights and the acting seem to be frivolous and they fight for no reasons.

Enters Abhishek aka Roshan, to fight the beliefs of the people and to remove the Kaala Bandar from everyone’s mind. The scene in which Roshan imagines a mix of New York and Delhi is really innovative and refreshing. But the scenes preceding the same are very funny. Abhishek becomes the monkey and people beat him up to vent their anger and still he manages to remain alive! The scenes of Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek when they meet in swarg are hilarious. Suddenly, Roshan returns back to dharti!!

Some scenes are relieving, especially the ones involving the two kiddos, Jalebi (a sweeper) and Gobar (a simpleton). The songs are like an oasis in the desert. The kabootar (Masakali) is the most handsome pigeon I have ever seen. It is simply adorable and dances really well!

All in all, worth ONLY one watch…which includes a 100 yawns and a stare/min from your girlfriend/boyfriend, if you have take them to watch it when they were suggesting a candle light dinner.

My ratings- *

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