Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deutsch it is....

Guten Tag! Wie geht es ihnen? Für lange habe ich kein blogpost geschrieben. So, hier ich komme!

Confused? Or thinking that I have become mad? The latter is more possible. ;)

But I haven’t gone mad (unfortunately :P). Anyways, I have just brushed up my German after two and a half years and joined the B1 Level course at the Max Mueller Bhavan. And you know what; it feels great being a student again.

The best thing about being a student (despite the fact being that I have paid my fees from my salary…no parents’ participation) is the fresh smell of books. The colourful cover page and interesting caricatures inside it, make me feel as if I am in school again.

In college, I would keep on cribbing about the long and boring lectures. But here the class being of four hour duration is not boring at all! The way we introduced ourselves to each other on the first day was very unique. First of all, we had to speak in German, compulsory and then we had to find out five commonalities between us and the other people and introduce based on these facts.

But a thing I dread being a student again are the exams! And we have not only one but three exams. But studying, group discussions, working together again after a long time will surely help. I miss my school and college days and this is a unique chance for me to get them back, what if only for a couple of months.

Tschüs then guys! Auf wiedersehen. (FYI: Babye ;)


Akshay said...

Nice to hear that you're learning German!! I am learning Japanese and the worse part of being a student is writing an exam especially of a subject which you are not familiar with. Very well-written and loved the way you began the class. Wish we had something like this in college...:D.

Akshay said...
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Avinash said...

hey, i am (or was ) learning Spanish. isnt that great?
Seno rita..
btw u still smell the new books?
u made me nostalgic