Monday, April 5, 2010

Mirza ki Marzi ;)

Kahani mein twist: Sania Mirza is going to marry Pak cricketer Shoaib Malik.

This story has created quite a hoo-hallah in the media and among political parties. TV channels have gone to the extent of giving headlines such as 'Mirza ki Marzi', 'Kya Sania Banegi Pak ki dulhan...' and so on. People are discussing whether Sania will play for India or for Pakistan, where will she stay, what will she eat, blah blah blah....

After hearing all this, one Marathi poem comes to my mind... It goes: 'Tyane Prem kela.... Tine Prem Kela.... Mi mhanto Tumcha kay gela?' (He loved her... she loved him... I say... Whats your problem ;). What if Sania plays for Pak? Big deal, as if she is a great player. Let them do what they want. Who are we to interfere? Let Shoaib marry ten girls and then marry Sania, if she doesnt have a problem, what is your problem?

There are some really weird groups on Facebook: Welcome to Pakistan, Sania Bhabhi... then comes : IPL REJECTED 11 PAK1STANI PLAYERS AND SANIA MIRZA REJECTED WHOLE IND1A and another says : you Pakistan for taking Sania Mirza, Now Please take Rakhi Sawant also :)

Grow up people!!

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Avinash said...

The reason for so called hoopla among the media among other reasons such as TRP is that people in India see these sports star as 'Role models'.
Food for thought?