Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's your dialogue?

From famous film dialogues to witty one-liners, dialogues as caller tunes are increasingly being preferred by people

Have you ever heard a Yenna rascala, mind it, I say! from the popular film Quickgun Murugan or a Kishore Kumar mimicry when you called up someone? The trend of dialogue caller tunes or hello tunes as they are called, is fast catching up in the city. People are trying their best to catch attention by using weird and funky dialogues to entertain their callers.

Agnelo Nobbay, 22, a customer relations executive, had set a caller tune which said, 'The person you are trying to urgently reach is sipping tender coconut sitting on the beach', which suggested that the person does not like to be disturbed. Nobbay says, "I wanted something different to be set as my caller tune. As I don't like being disturbed by people every now and then, I chose this caller tune to put my message through in a subtle and funny way." He adds that initially people liked the tune and kept on calling him, but later on many complained as they got irritated listening to the same thing and asked him to change it. "As I am a customer relations manager now, I had to change my caller tune, as it could impart a wrong message to my clients," says Nobbay with a smile.

Some others, on a serious note, like to put some points across through serious dialogues related to topics such as patriotism and so on. Abhijeet Chowdhary, director with Swatantra Films says, "As I direct plays on serious topics such as education and RTI, I use a caller tune which makes people aware of their responsibilities towards the nation."

Preeti Sagar, a student, likes the ringtone her friend has used, which has some hilarious dialogues from the film Quickgun Murugan. "Instead of listening to the boring tring-tring, its better that such dialogues keep me entertained."

Pushpa Chauhan, a senior consultant uses a dialogue from the movie- Jab We Met. "The dialogue is very hilarious and goes something like Kide padenge tere upar. But as some may consider it indecent, I use this tune only for some close friends of mine," says Chauhan.

Be it the evergreen Gabbar Singh dialogues from Sholay or mimicry of famous comedians such as Om Prakash or Mehmood, the trend of caller dialogues is here to stay!


MrNarci said...

Did you write this for the paper? Nice and informative...

Vishakha said...

yes i did... :)

Avinash said...

now Docomo gives you an option to put your own song/tune as other's Caller tune... aaap sunna chaho