Thursday, July 15, 2010

Art for a cause

The artworks exhibited at Rukhsana W's debut art show were painted during her year-long battle against cancer

"Life is too beautiful to give it up so easily," says Rukhsana W, painter and homemaker. Rukhsana is a cancer survivor, and through her upcoming exhibition titled Hope, she wants to spread the message of faith and hope to the people affected by cancer.

"I was detected with breast cancer a year ago. I didn't lose hope and whenever I felt depressed or down, I took up to painting. All the paintings to be exhibited at the show have been painted during this one year of my battle against cancer," says Rukhsana, who also lost her husband to cancer. Rukhsana, who is a fine arts graduate from the Stella Maris College in Chennai, made Pune her home two years ago.

Rukhsana has spun all the positive elements such as autumn, spring, light at the end of a tunnel in her paintings. "In one of the paintings, I have shown two hands praying and a God's eye. It is titled Faith," she says. She drew this painting when she lost faith in God after being detected with cancer. "This painting helped me get my faith back," she says. She plans to donate a part of the sales to a cancer foundation called Prashanti Cancer Care Mission. "This will help people who can not afford treatment for cancer."

This is Rukhsana's first-ever exhibition. "After graduating in fine arts, I got married and started my family. I got so busy with life, that I didn't really take up painting seriously. After being detected with cancer, I rediscovered my passion for it."

Rukhsana says that she got breast cancer at an early age of 48. "I feel women are still not aware of this disease and need to get a check-up done regularly." Through the exhibition, Rukhsana plans to put this point across to all women and advise them to take care of themselves.

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