Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The morning dew....

Early morning the dew settles down on the leaves

Just like the tears roll down my eyes

The dew adorns the green leaves

Just like tears do my cheerless face

I walk in the garden to get some fresh air

Wipe out the tears on my face

Just when the sun comes and washes the dew away

I watch, astonished

In the evening the cricket’s noise fills the air

Just like the noise of your memories

Some soothing but mostly infuriating

That shattered the glass of my dreams

I go down the garden to find

That the noise has faded in the dimness of the dawn

Just like your presence in my life

From a gentle dawn to a serrated dusk

I look at the horizon far away

Where you have gone with the luggage called my dreams

I wait for you to come back…

And suddenly, the sky becomes cloudy…

And it rains and mixes my tears with the raindrops

I struggle to separate them from each other

And find out, it is difficult to separate you

From all my memories….