Monday, November 7, 2011

Ra.One: Dare to think beyond Hollywood superheroes!

TEN things that I learnt from the so-called-epic-and-best-seller-truly-Indian-Sci-Fi movie Ra.One:

10. Games do come true. So play only those games with babes in them (if you are a guy) or if there is lot of cash involved (for shopping addicted gals)!

9. Arjun Rampal can act better when he is an evil robot.

8. A boy who doesn’t seem to be impressed by his game-developer dad, dreams being his dad- a hero and saving a damsel in distress (read: Priyanka Chopra, whose acting puts the audience in distress). Talk about paradox!

7. No software is needed to instil emotions in a robot. He just needs to be subjected to exposure to Kareena Kapoor and her hot body for ten minutes.

6. Europeans DO understand chaste Hindi and that’s how we get so much out-sourcing business.

5. Some good songs can increase the tolerance level of the audience while watching the movie.

4. Robots can live without a HEART but can’t die without one!

3. Good marketing skills can truly sell even an oh-so-shitty product.

2. Accents can regularly change. Exposing the audience to gaali-galoch can also increase their tolerance level.

1. The most important thing to note: I watched the movie like 90% of the other intellectual populace did, just to check how lame it can be! Warning: Watch only if you book a recliner chair ticket for a quick snooze and have a coke near you to avoid choking on some masterpiece-worthy dialogues!

PS: This is an entirely lop-sided view of the movie, as obviously seen, I don’t seem to be a huge SRK fan! ;-)


Snehal said...

sahi hai bidu!!! ;) too good

Akshay said...

Sahi review re!! Perfect 10 reasons not to watch the film.. A big salute to your patience levels.