Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mumbai- a terror hotspot?

Mumbai has been targeted- again. This time different venues and a different action plan which was unthought-of and unimagined. Earlier, the terrorists would just bomb off places and run away, but now terror is getting brave and matured. This time they are targeting top police officials. Three of which have already faced martyrdom. Shocking? It is.

Terror- the word has become a part of every Mumbaikar’s life. Mumbai, the financial capital of the country has also become a terror capital. Terrorists feel that Mumbai is their playground and they can merrily drop bombs like they are bursting crackers and kill people as they wish. What has happened to the conscious of the species called ‘human beings’? Has being ‘inhuman’ become a part of the ‘humans’? God has forgotten to give heart and emotions to these ruthless species called terrorists.The attack was planned so efficiently that the terrorists managed to get in the topmost hotels with AK-47s and all the required ammunition. The police, army, commandos and the firemen are trying their best to get control of the situation and the media is keeping people update about the situation. But I think media should not disclose crucial facts on TV because if the terrorists come to know about their action plan the situation will worsen. But all in all, the media is doing a good job this time. Reporters and cameramen are tirelessly reporting the situation while endangering their lives in the process.

I hope that the situation comes under control soon and may God save the lives of the remaining people. As for the terrorists, I hope that all of them die and go to hell. But hell also won’t have any place for such gross ‘inhuman beings’.

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