Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My life in Mumbaaiii...

Mumbai, popularly known as the city of dreams is a city that keeps you wanting more out of it… Thousands of people from all parts of the country come here to make it big in aamchi Mumbai. I am just a miniscule part of those hordes of people. I come from Pune- the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the city of great history and intellectual people [like me :)] Adapting to the fast pace of Mumbai’s life was a challenge though. I have become a bindaas Mumbaikar from a Puneri Punekar in just 5 months!!

Mumbai is a city of challenges and I’m loving it…The challenge started on the very first day of reaching Mumbai. From searching accommodation to searching destinations… everything involved challenges. Thanks to my grandparents, who stayed here, I was fairly acquainted with the city. Travelling in the local trains at peak hours, getting into the second class by pushing in atleast 10 women and getting out of it doing the same, prove that you are strong enough to do anything in life… seriously!

Mumbai, apart from being sapno ki duniya, is a bheed ki, katar ki duniya too. Every where you go, you are welcomed by atleast 50 people in a row. From bus-stops, taxi stands, office elevators to even loos, standing in a queue becomes a part of a Mumbaikar’s daily routine. Another thing that holds Mumbai together is the fighting spirit that Mumbains have. Serial train blasts, bomb blasts, floods- nothing could shake the unshaken spirit of a city called Mumbai. People here know how to live life, even when they’re not sure when it will end.Staying in Mumbai for the past 5 months, I have learnt many things. From being independent, to facing more people (and people of different types) than ever to discovering ‘myself and my inner strength’, Mumbai has taught me everything. [I know, I know, I’m getting too philosophical :)

At the end, all I want to say is ‘Salaam Mumbai’.

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