Friday, February 6, 2009

A brush with Page 3 party animals…

Reading party reviews…looking at the ‘oh-so-cool’ dresses that the celebs wear… and commenting on their ‘style statements’ is one of my favourite timepass. But I had never imagined that my tryst with the Page 3 culture will come so late in my journalistic career of 8 months! It doesn’t mean that I had imagined being a part of every other ‘Page 3- celeb show-off’ party. And this event which I attended in particular- well, my destiny took me to it, not my assignment!

Me and my friend-cum-colleague headed towards JW Marriot for a ‘Simply Pizza’ festival where a hot Italian Chef was going to showcase her acrobatic pizza making style. Talk about free food in 5-star hotels and we are always there to make full use of the opportunity! ;) The Chef presented her skills in a rather unique way by dancing to Bollywood songs and stripping off her ‘birdy’ look. (She had come dressed as a bird with a plastic beak on her face!) She danced with other members of the restaurant and her acrobatic skills were remarkable. But that was not enough to please connoisseurs like us. So we got bored after a while and the food menu was devoid of many vegetarian dishes I was left hungry.

Then came the ray of light- I met a PR friend called Pallavi (a crazy head just like me!) and she invited us to another party taking place at the JW. It was a wine brand launch. I was told that is a different kind of a wine called creamy wine. They gave us a glassful of it to taste, but I liked the creamy stuff and hated the wine (may be coz I am a non-drinker).

There were loads of celebs hanging around in that compact area filled with liquor and loud music (and free food ofcouse! :). There were hot male models and also ultra-skinny female models. They were super tall and I felt like a pygmy in front of them. They were surrounded by charmers, trying to impress them. The models were lost in their own world- sipping on the alcohol and posing for the camera. I was told that to remain skinny and not letting flesh appear on their body these girls keep on smoking and drinking. Liquid diet, I guess. (I never want to be in their shoes!)

We were commenting on every possible creature around and observing their outrageous style of dressing and talking. (May be comments were being made on our style also, or maybe they were jealous looking at us :). I passed a comment on a girl who had a strange hair cut and my friend poke me and said, “Shut up you fool, that’s my boss!” I decided to close my mouth and open it only when I saw food!

Food- there was lots of it. Paneer masala, ‘assorted Indian breads’ which means rotis in sophisticated language, pasta, Chinese, etc etc. I ate less coz I had seen the desserts menu. It consisted of yummy chocolate cakes, fudges and a chocolate fountain was flowing much to the pleasure of our eyes. I gorged on all possible desserts (now you know the secret of my health) and ate till my heart was content.

After eating, we left the place, leaving the page 3ites to enjoy the ‘abhi toh raat jawan hai’ event. I will never forget the crazy day.

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