Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phone tales

Imagine a day… or should I say an hour without your mobile phone. Its difficult na? I know, difficult is not the word. Communication has never been so easy. Thanks to this miracle of science, we can call anyone, from anywhere, listen and share music and do loads of other stuff as well. This small device has become our lifeline!

My tryst with the cell phone started in December 2005 when I was studying in the final year of BSc. My mother proudly presented me a Nokia 3315, which is the sturdiest phone I have ever seen. It was a third hand phone used by my father, mother and then me. The blue coloured black and white phone became the apple of my eyes.

The next phone that I owned was a Nokia 1100. This time I was the second person to use it after my father. This phone is known for its long battery life, which can last up to a week also! Lekin mera aur is phone ka saath jyada dino ka nahi tha. When I was in the first year of post-graduation, my parents thought (thankfully) that it’s high time I got a new phone and became the proud possessor of another Nokia phone- 2310. This phone was the most popular phone two years back (it still is!).

When I started earning, I bought myself a chic Samsung J-600. It was love at first sight for me. But as they say, looks betray. The phone was good for 5K, but didn’t have multitasking and was very delicate. The battery was weak and there were only black and white colour themes which made my cellular life very dull. When I got an offer two days back of exchanging it for 2.3K, I jumped at it and exchanged my phone for an all new Supernova Nokia 7210. the phone is slim and sleek. It has a 2 mp camera, media player, memory slot expandable upto 2 GB and all this just for 5.5K!

Now I am happy and satisfied with my new phone. After all, it’s a Nokia- good features, good quality, affordable price and long life. (No, I am not Nokia’s PR :P)

Psst: Above displayed is my new phone...

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Ipurple said...

u so in love with ur new cell na.... my god u crazy...

Love Pallavi